Cleaning a third time

May 4, 2012

Whenever I clean my apartment, I make grand plans to implement procedures so that all that is required is maintenance.

Like most people, the grand plans rarely fall into place as naturally as the initial outburst. But I have learned, over the years, to make certain simple things a habit. If I can’t fully put into practice my greatest plans, I have at least managed to make each cleaning exercise less dramatic than the last.

In KL, the opposite appears to be case. It’s not even just in KL. Many more people took to the streets of KL than last year, and the same was seen across the world. Those scenes of Global Bersih will always be with me. In many cases, the numbers were impressive. Personally, I love the images that show a handful.

From me, here in KL, thank you.

For those in the shallow corridors of power, get out of your self-absorbed shells and wake up to the fact that this is bigger than you. It’s not about you, or about the people across the floor from you. We keep telling you that, but you people refuse to listen.

We are for Malaysia.

If so many people have something to say, instead of denying that you hear their calls, why not try listening? And when you listen, don’t immediately jump to how to counter an argument, just listen.

What are people really saying? Is what we are asking for such a terrible thing?


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